Use your mobile phone safely while you drive with these 4 apps

Since mobile phones appeared traffic accidents have increased considerably, this is due to careless drivers who handle their smartphones while driving.

Today this should not be a problem since there are apps that will allow you to use the phone with voice commands and small interactions, without the need to remove the eyes off the road.

Android Auto, the most used

Android Auto lets you use your favorite apps easily while driving. you Can perform a lot of functions as:

  • Listen to your favorite music from Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, among others.
  • Go to your next destination with Google Maps or Waze.
  • to Receive updated information about your route, time of arrival and possible risks in real time.
  • Ask the Assistant to Google you to see your calendar.
  • Add reminders and get the latest news.
  • Add a custom message of do not disturb to avoid distractions behind the wheel.
  • Make calls.
  • Send and receive text messages, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, etc

Car dashdroid allows you to create simple shortcuts to your apps

The second application we bring you is Car dashdroid, it is not as well-known as the rest of the apps from the list, however it is still an excellent option. Is compatible with Google Assistant, so that you can use the voice commands of this popular wizard.

you Can perform a lot of tasks like listen to music, send messages, make calls, among others. you Can set up more than 40 shortcuts for your favorite apps.

AutoMate is another good option

AutoMate puts at your disposal the most widely used services of your mobile so that you are not distracted from the road at any time. Among these we find, maps, messaging, calls, GPS and more.

The premium version gives you a dark mode and the location of speed cameras that is in your way, but for that you better use any of these 5 apps are totally free.

Drivemode is the best valued in the Play Store

This application has gained a lot of ground compared to most popular apps such as Android Auto because works a treat and is really simple. It has an interface that simplifies radically the way in which you interact with your mobile so that you only have to concentrate on the road.

we Hope that these 4 apps help you to use your phone safely during your travels, although we must tell you that the more you avoid to use your smartphone you will run fewer dangers.

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