Use this app to know what you’re going to eat

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put yourself in situation, this year dare to go to China, with luck, the menu you have the letter in English. Now, after you do not know about anything you decide to think. What as? How do I know that is what I will eat, and what takes this dish?

MenuSnap want to get on your help and make things easier when this happens. Usually when the letter sounds (or there are things that you don’t know what they are), this app wants to help you by combining technologies such as OCR, translation, and search on the Internet.

MenuSnap: How Do you help to know what you eat?

The only thing you have to do with MenuSnap is remove a photo of the menu, in a clear place and where the photo to appreciate the characters. Once this is done the application will attempt to recognize the text level (using the technology of optical character recognition (OCR).

MenuSnap will allow you to crop the text area you are interested in and then recognize the text. By tapping on each plate will open a window where the name of the dish translated and, in addition, you will be able to see pictures on the Internet of the dishes (if you are lucky).

With MenuSnap you’ll know what you’re going to eat

This will allow you to see what’s what, check on Google what it is and little more. The truth is that the app is very simple and it all depends on where you go. If the name plate is readable, you can always put it in Google and look at that takes but on the contrary, if is in Chinese or in Russian to the best this application can help you thanks to the recognition of characters, as write in Chinese or in Russian when you have no idea doesn’t make much sense, neither the keypad of your phone to have those characters and don’t want to download them.

, The application is completely free and it allows you to see what you’re going to eat when, sometimes, you have no idea. It is true that experience is but sometimes, when we are fine tip, it is best not to experiment and ask for something that more or less we will like or at least seems to be.

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