US FTC investigating Google for monopoly


The FTC would be ready to take Google to court for monopoly . It is the first government commission wants to bring to justice the Mountain View company, as elsewhere in the search engine company is also under the critical eye for these same reasons.

The FTC, as reported in Android Authority, considers that Google has been abusing its market position . As stated in the source, the body would have come to an agreement with the Justice Department for an investigation leads would have to do with Android. More specifically, what is sought is whether Google has hampering competition access to Android .

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As mentioned in other articles on this blog, agencies are concerned that Google gives preference to its services above third parties . How to do this? PreInstalling their own applications on Android devices by default, which many see as an unfair advantage to their competitors. The fact that manufacturers do not Pedan forks Android without losing access to essential services will also be part of the investigation .

The FTC is not the only one who has complained in the past

Google Shop

So far this research is in its early stages , which means that the FTC investigation would not end up in a court case with which to take Google to court. The FTC antitrust investigation and conducted a search of the business of the Mountain View company in 2011, but was never able to take the case to court for lack of evidence.

recently that Google had another episode like this in Russia , where the company Yandex, which is similar to Google in the Slavic country complained to antitrust country service activities that would compel Google to provide alternative services to yours. We recall that handles Yandex services Jolla , and have an expansion to Android could help them get a better position, at least in Eastern Europe.

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Moreover, it is worth remembering that the European Commission and was launched against Google by Monopoly. The concerns of the Commission go through the preinstalled applications like Chrome, Hangouts and YouTube , which considered that put the Mountain View company an advantage over its competitors.

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