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Material Design has been a quantum leap for the Android platform, without a doubt. Aesthetically, animations and configuration of each of the menus and buttons on screen is extremely attractive and understandable, with varying degrees of depth that overlap depending on the content that we read or pressing. But adoption by developers has not been as fast as we would have liked has been many months since launch and some apps as well known as Twitter and Facebook have not yet adopted this new visual language, now.

From Android Police we get good news in this regard and in relation to the application that became fashionable the “Tweets”. Apparently, some users are commenting certain visual changes and access to the bar creating these Tweets , which in the current Android version is in the bottom of the application with a message ” What’s going on? “.


As we can see in the upper catches on Twitter are in favor of incorporating new floating button which Google has made good use in Material Design, through which different build options will be displayed tweets, as can be upload an image from your camera or from the gallery. This button could disappear in the future as we move up or down in our timeline (to Google+ style) to make the experience more enjoyable.

Personally I welcome these changes, although perhaps at the level of functionality directly access the buttons up image from the outset is more direct than the model of the floating button. However, if a level visual design and Google wants to maintain a consistent and identifiable wide online platform requires that the big start taking it more into account, with better refresh rate in this appearance.

Can you try to download the latest alpha version, but this does not mean that you may be able to see these changes in full, since only some users seem to have it activated.

And you do you think? Head over to Twitter takes steps forward with Material Design, install now his last trial to make your mark.

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