Twitter is down and people fled to Facebook

Twitter no funciona

Twitter is down. The social network of the blue bird shows a Twitter / Error when we want to access your main web. Twitter tells us that something went wrong, technically and working hard to solve the problem.

By the time we know that the responsible of the website are working on the site as it returns to be available for some users although many are still experiencing delays and interruptions. We can’t access Twitter.

Twitter is down again

When Twitter falls off the people you only know one option, flee to Facebook. In the first 15 minutes of hang we have already seen some harsh words for Twitter between fans of the social network.

Twitter is fallen both on the desktop and on the mobile and also what has been done in some third-party clients such as Tweetbot. The contact with Twitter have told us that the service is experiencing problems and are working on the solution.

How do you affect that Twitter is down? we Wanted to say hello to all of our followers this morning but has not been able to be, we will be both in terms of the hang of Twitter to see if it really is a small technical problem, or rather they are experiencing a delay for any event as serious as a pirate attack or a theft of information. If any one has regained its usual activity in Twitter you can mention it in the comments.

UPDATE: it Seems that the 11.00 Spanish time Twitter has once again be available. how You too can use it since?

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