Twitter includes night mode auto for Android

it is now more than a year Twitter announced the arrival of the night mode. Although, by that time the users were those who had to activate it manually. Now, after a time in which the platform has experienced the results of its use, already comes in an official form. The new version of Twitter for Android has changed things permanently.

Twitter 7.2. for Android already includes the night mode auto. This new feature comes after changes in the design of the application. Again, attempts on the part of Twitter users to follow using the social network. And this movement can be successful.

night Mode auto

night mode only makes sense if it works automatically. If the user is the one that has to activate it manually, it makes no sense to use it. It seems that Twitter has realized this, and have decided to change the way in which the night mode is present in the application. Now, will automatically.

it Is important that the user determine when you want the night mode is turned on. For this reason, you have to go to the settings of Twitter. There, in the part of privacy is there to look for screen and sound. Once there, you will see that there is an option that allows you to configure the night mode. You can determine when you want to activate the night mode in your device. And love it, you can activate it manually as was possible up to now. If for any reason the automatic mode you don’t like or is uncomfortable.

changes in the night mode are the main and almost only novelty of Twitter 7.2. for Android. Moreover, the application has not changed hardly. Are introduced small changes, basically to correct errors and other actions by the style, which we see always when launches an update. The night mode seems to be only available to users of Android. In the case of the iOS users, it seems that will have to wait until there are new developments in this regard. What do you think of this change on the part of Twitter?

Source | Phone Arena

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