Tune your Android-style iPhone 7 Plus

tunea-tu-android-iphone-7-pantalla-bloqueo-launcher-control-centerAndroid and iOS are considered to be eternal rivals, but that’s not why we don’t might like both SO. In fact, a large portion of its users have had more of a product of both operating systems and even are able to apañarselas using both at the same time.

consequently, today we have come together, that is to say, we tell you how to have the approach to iOS nearest on your Android, specifically, how to customize your device the style of iPhone 7, the last stop range of the signing of the apple.

Download launcher, the lock screen, Control Center, and the wallpapers of the iPhone 7 Plus

as in the previous “Tune up your Android”, we will divide this customization in a launcher determined, some funds screen appropriate, and finally some that another surprise related to finish topping off “our tuneo”.


In effect, the launcher that we will use is called iLauncher, and is perhaps the launcher that is closest to the iOS that we can find for Android. To be part of providing some of their own icons of iOS, we also have your animation when you unlock and open an app.

launcher-ios-android-appIn this way, we do not make use of any pack icons since most are built on it, and also the supports. You are not currently in the Play Store, but you can download it in free, APKHere. Once downloaded, just need to move this file to the internal memory of your device to make the installation.


If something has Apple is who cares and gives details of their products both outside and inside. For that reason, the wallpapers of our customization are very important, as they give you a feeling of iOS 10 iPhone 7 is very close. Are, of course, the wallpapers stock its flagship:

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