Trick: How to avoid bendgate (ideal Nexus 6P)

como evitar el bendgate

We have sold the phenomenon of “bendgate” as something of iPhone, but what is certain is that it has also reached the world of Android. Without going more far, the last terminal and possibly the most bends, is the Nexus 6S. The funny thing, is that for the networks the users have been given one way to avoid the bendgate Nexus 6S, why do not you guess what it is? Discover it with us:

How to avoid bendgate

The quickest and most effective to prevent the bendgate, that is to say, that the mobile is double, it is housing. Reading through the social networks I came across this, and although it sounds ironic, it is a reality. Do you still not see the video on the Nexus 6S are bending like clay? Is the following:

If you spend a lot of money on a Huawei Nexus 6S, it is normal that sticking up for a good casing. Remember to buy a case valid for the Nexus 6S, because there are many that are not compatible and that cover a sensor on the front.

The Nexus 6P very fragile

If you opt for a housing that is interesting, we will be able to eliminate the problem that the Nexus 6S are double. It is curious that there is no other real solution, but what is certain is that the terminal were fragile and we have no other protection to give extra rigidity.

Sending the terminal to Google, we are not going to offer another solution to the problem, so the solution we would have to put us dressing with a – resistant housing. We do not have even to bet by a housing official, since there are many cheap alternatives to good.

This also we can apply it with any other mobile phone.

What do you think of bendgate? Do you think that there could be another solution away from a case? A solution of homespun, but even if it was a grace, let us not have another!

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