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superman hombre de acero

Are You a fan film and let yourself be enveloped by the magic that follows cinema ?, thanks Toshiba has the opportunity to go free to cinemas during the next six months to see some of the most anticipated films of the year as the new version of Superman: “Man of Steel” , you will know what you need to do to win this exclusive premium [? 1999007]

action, intrigue, humor, drama, music, love, fantasy or science fiction are some of the ingredietnes it has to offer the seventh art in its many different film genres . But what would you think if we told you that you could be one of the lucky ones take a free full Monthly duplicate entries over the next six months to see recent films today ?


The prestigious company appliances, computers and latest digital devices Toshiba gives us the opportunity to go to the cinema alone completely free for an entire semester Experience the latest and most awaited movie creations that the new version of the most famous cartoon superhero Superman , filmmaker Zack Snyder (300) and Christopher Nolan (responsible for the new trilogy of Batman) has chosen to bring back to the big screen.

The film tells a more modern and present how the alien child key Kal-El must leave home his parents on the planet Krypton to attend a humble planet Earth, where it will be desired welcomed by a couple of people, Martha and Jonathan Kent, who will protect and love as his son.

Clark Kent, terrestrial name Kal-El, must accept his destiny and become a hero to save humanity ‘darkness hover over the blue planet in the not too distant future. Must be Superman , the The Man of Steel and conceal your identity to mortals under the profession of a humble journalist at the Daily Planet, where he meets the woman who will steal his heart. Lois Lane


This new version of the classic comic Superman can be one of the many movies have the opportunity to see along with a companion free thanks Toshiba.

To enjoy this exclusive premium , you only need to buy a Ultrabook or Satellite P series of some of these modalities:

-Satellite U920T- 10N

-Satellite U840T-104

-Satellite P875-31C

-Satellite P850-31M

-Satellite P850-33D

To receive this award, once you have bought the product Toshiba you should go to their website and enter the serial number on your computer and other data. Performing operations receive email your entries.

superman hombre de acero toshiba

Similarly in the application “Mission Toshiba” to the prestigious brand has created on its website Facebook can win other prizes if you pass a series of tests.

All the magic and spectacle of movie are available hand thanks opportunities dreams that we facilitated Toshiba , go ahead and participate !!

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