TOP 10 most difficult card to get in Clash Royale

Clash Royale has a total of 89 letters that go from Arena 1 to Arena 11. In addition, as you well know, the cards are divided into Common cards, Special, Epic and Legendary. Now What are the most difficult card to get inside the game?

If you look at the ways to find a card legendary you’ll see that you’ll be able to find them with very low probabilities in the coffers of Gold, Giants and Magic. Only in the chests Super Magical have a high index of probability (88%) of having a; and with the chest of the legend that contains a single letter of this type.

having Said that, the legendary are the most complicated to achieve.

What is the Cycle of Chests and how does it work?

Now that you know that the legendary cards are the most difficult to find, you have to understand how the game works and each how many chests you are going to play one Super Magical or one Legendary.

The Cycle of Chests is the way that Clash Royale orders and assigns to the players the chests that belong by winning games. But How does this work?

The cycle of chests of Clash Royale works as well:

Each cycle is equivalent to a total of 240 chests and inside this you will find the following:

  • 180 Chests of Silver.
  • 52 Chests of Gold.
  • 4 Chests Giants.
  • 4 Chests Magical.

however, there is a special cycle to the coffers of higher value:

  • A single Chest Super Magic within every 500 chests.
  • A single Chest Legendary within every 500 chests.

These you can play in any position in the 500 chests. Also, you won’t miss chests in the cycle if you win a game and you don’t have space to locate the chest, as well as the type of casket depends on the arena you’re in.

Now that you know this you must understand that, despite the fact that you touch a chest Super Magical or Legendary, the cards that will come out will depend on the arena in which you find yourself. Therefore, the letter legendary that you touch will be the level of the sand in which you find yourself or a sand less. Let’s have an example:

If we are in Arena 5 and we have a chest of Legendary we have the possibilities that we leave one of the legendary cards from Arena 5, or one of the legendary cards in Arena 4:

As you can see in this example we would have only the opportunity to get to:

  • Hound of Lava (Sand 4)
  • Mining (Sand 4)
  • Cemetery (Sand 5)
  • Witch Night (Sand 5)

Knowing this, What are the top 10 cards most difficult to find in the Clash Royale?

  • Wizard Electrical (Sand 11)
  • Chispitas (Sand 11)
  • Archer Magic (Sand 10)
  • Megacaballero (Sand 10)
  • Bandida (Sand 9)
  • Lumberjack (Sand 8)
  • Ice Mage (Sand 8)
  • Phantom Real (Arena 7)
  • Princess (Arena 7)
  • The Trunk (Sand 6)

Now that you know this, you can get organized and keep a track on your cycle chests. To finish we invite you to review the 5 best decks with the Duente throw Darts.

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