To load the mobile in 5 minutes will be a reality for 2018

┬┐You imagine to load the mobile in 5 minutes? it Is clear that the battery is one of the issues of most concern to users who have a phone. And with the passing of the years, we have advanced a lot in the topics of battery. We have passed on take 3 hours to charge a mobile phone to take a little more than 1 hour and even have fast charging which enables it in many cases and only with a letter of 5 minutes, using several hours the mobile.

But the new technology promises something revolutionary: to load the mobile in 5 minutes for 2018. It is clear that it sounds too nice and it could be strangely expensive, but today we will tell you all that we know of this.

to Load the mobile in 5 minutes for 2018

This comes with the company StoreDot, who claim, that from next year users will be able to load their terminals to the top in just five minutes.

These batteries have been designed would come out for next year and would be available to manufacturers of mobile purchases, and establish on their mobile devices. What’s wrong? As always, everything indicates that it could increase the cost considerably.

But the promise of to charge the battery of a smartphone in just five minutes is something impressive. We have before us a revolutionary technology that we will be happy to see and discover since then.

But what is behind this new technology?

Talk of the technology is fast-charging FlashBattery. Promises a load accelerating, but completely and in only 5 minutes. Now in 5 minutes we found loads of hours, but not full loads, that is why it is impressive.

But does not seem to be the only company or technology in to give that talk in this land, because there is no doubt that Quick Charge 4.0, is a quick charge system of Qualcomm that aims high. As well as the option of Meizu with Super mCharge. But these technologies of 15 and 20 minutes, respectively, would be only 5 minutes with the new with what works.

What we will see in 2018 without a doubt ?

can You imagine to load the mobile in 5 minutes for 2018? What do you expect from this new technology?

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