Tips to save coins in Clash Royale

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If you want to save coins in Clash Royale, that is to say, to achieve a lot of many, we will tell you all the ways we can do this today. We hope you’re surprised, because not so long ago in a special offer I had the option of buying a pack chest legendary + 100.000 coins + 2.000 gems (if I remember correctly), 9,99 euros. We’re going to see tips to save coins in Clash Royale.

coins allow to eat from the game (raise the level of the cards, buy them in the store and buy chests epic), that’s why they are so important and it is also important to learn to save.

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Tips to save coins in Clash Royale

How can I save coins?

  • If you want to save coins, leaves of side the experience. Many users focus on upload experience (to level up and be able to improve the attack and defense of the towers), what escapes them, is that doing this (i.e., raising the level of cards that you use and not use to having more experience), you are wasting coins. One way to save coins is to not spend them to level up cards you don’t use. I have many letters that I upload and that I don’t do it to save coins, and so to be able to afford to buy a legendary if I get in the store.
  • Donates a lot of letters. The more open the game, the more possibility you’ll have to be able to donate cards, because you will see more donations activated. It’s something that you recommend to be able to get coins. This gives coins. You can find them and ahórralas.
  • Play a lot. The battles give you money. If you play a lot each day, you will have coins to save.
  • give yourself the luxury of a chest. As I have told you a long time ago I got a chest legendary to buy along with a pack of 100,000 coins and many gems. The truth is that for 9,99 € I do not what I thought. Money is wasted on other things less “satisfactory”. So of course I bought it and now I have 100.000 coins that I save for when they leave legendary in the store or upload letters that you need. Save coins gives you many advantages, for if there is something that you have to take advantage of.

don’t throw up cards which don’t use (unless you want to have more experience, that as you want).

it Is very important to always have coins

you Can buy chests epic, raise the level of the cards and also regular playing cards, or legendary in the store. You don’t have waste! It is very important to always have coins so that you can get out.

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