This trick will allow you to use WhatsApp on two phones with the same number

we Live in a country in which over eighty percent of the adult population owns a smartphone. Still there are those who have a mobile phone, more basic, and there are even those who, strangely enough, did not feel the need of having one.

But as well as there are those who do not need to have a phone, due to various circumstances, there are those who use up to two smartphones daily. Almost always related to the business activity or employment. There are many those who use a personal phone and another number, almost always with another terminal, for professional use.

Your WhatsApp on two different devices is possible

This shared use of two terminals at the same time creates different conflicts and needs. The consumption of the battery of the one and the other terminal can cause sometimes a bad move. And we can at any time stay without battery in the phone unless indicated, not being able to use our WhatsApp private.

If you ever ‘ve temporarily switched phones and have installed WhatsApp have realized as to verify our number, the account stops working on the other device. Currently WhatsApp not allowed, officially, the use of the application on two phones simultaneously.

There are applications that already allow the simultaneous use and multi-platform as Telegram. Or the application of messaging Facebook, an app that already has as many users as WhatsApp. These Apps allow us to continue a conversation “jumping” from one to another device without any problem. But if you need to use is WhatsApp also is there a way to do it.

Use WhatsApp Web on other smartphone solution

To use your account WhatsApp other smartphone you’ll just have to make a few simple steps. With the “other” device accessing the page Once inside, if we sail with a smartphone it will show the mobile version of the website. We must select in the menu the option to see the web and on the computer.

once you have done the above, on the phone first, where we have installed WhatsApp select to scan the QR code of the web that we have it open in the second phone. Once this is done we will be able to use our own WhatsApp with the same number on both devices at the same time.

it Is clear that there is a solution to daily use. Since the optimization of the web page on your computer version is a bit uncomfortable to use on a smartphone. But it is a possibility without the need to root any devices. What do you think? If you want to know more tricks about WhatsApp, you might be interested to know that it has also changed the way in which you put in bold, italics and strikethrough to another much easier.

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