This Samsung Galaxy S8 transparent is a true last

with Each passing year, big companies have it more difficult to innovate in the section of the hardware, it is a fact. Today, it is difficult to give a kick to a stone and you see ten middle range with 13 megapixel camera and 3 GB of RAM, something that we saw difficult years.

This, requires that manufacturers seek to differentiate their products through software and, in particular, of the design. Something with what Samsung pull out chest this year, and with good reason. However, a user has decided to modify the back cover of the Galaxy S8 to see all the internal components, and the result, as you can see, is incredible.

Galaxy S8 transparente

If, the Samsung Galaxy S8 transparent is a true last

right Now it is not difficult to see many fans to the computer with a computer whose box is transparent and allows to view all internal components, but if we talk about smartphones the thing changes a lot.

well, as you can see, a YouTube user called JerryRigEverything has decided to modify their Samsung Galaxy S8 for the back cover is transparent, and you can see everything that it houses. In addition, proposes that the Korean company that implements this type of design in their new Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 transparente camara

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The process, as you can imagine, is not easy, which requires some skill and some knowledge of electronics. But the result is simply brilliant

But not everything are advantages, as this modification implies the loss of the wireless charging and water resistance of the terminal. Something that for many users is not important, but that, personally, I consider two assets are quite valuable. In addition to the ability to fill the camera lens from dust, a shame considering that it is one of the best sections of the terminal.

And you, what you would risk to leave your Samsung Galaxy S8 transparent?

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