This is our experience with Android and / Or after the first few days of use

¿Still haven’t tried Or Android? If you want to be aware of how things are going after the second preview of the possible Android Oreo, in this article I will tell you my experience because I’ve been going for about 5 days testing the new version of Android that should be official for the summer and start reaching out to all devices from October.

few days Ago we tell you how to update your mobile to Android, and also mobile phones that will be updated to Android O. But now, after a few days using the latest version of Android 2017, we will tell you our experience.

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Experience with Android and / Or after the first few days of use

If few days ago we gave our first impressions, now we look at what we have found after a few days testing Android Or.

The best of Android Or

The fact install the Launcher of Pixel for Android Or as well first gives you many more options for you to enjoy features of more differentiated, as the information of the apps with just hold. If you press and hold on an icon on the desktop, you can access the information of the app, widgets and much more.

I like the drawer of apps new. If you get used to it it is quite faster and how to access the applications. And it is convenient because you can quickly find the apps and shows you the recent at the top (first line).

I Also like the icon of Google to perform searches, i.e., the searchbar of Google which now no longer takes up a good chunk of the screen, but you have to do is click on the G, and it is already open.

I used to color of the quick settings of Android O. it Was a shock strong enough for the view to go from a dark appearance to an appearance more clear. But with the time you’re getting used to it and not bad at all.

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I like typically the mobile go more fluid and that the performance is quite good. It seems that now everything is more simple, and although it’s a bit difficult to find things because everything has changed of site, let’s say that when in doubt, we can ask for help and guidance in each of the steps.

I also like notifications from the lock screen. They look great and are quite informative. It is one of the details I like most about having made the leap to the new version of Android O.

Something that I also like, is the fact that you can disable from Settings the option to set the screen. Because many times you are going to give without wanting and it’s quite annoying, so it is better now.

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Then there are other new options that we found by the phone for the settings and others. Although by now I have not been able to test much more, since they are a few days. So I can say, for now, there are very few differences because we are only in the second preview, and a few months of development ahead. So soon I will be able to tell you many more things and more interesting.

what Android Or has bugs or problems?

For now I have not found any problem or bug important, only small things.

is Still present on the battery issues in Nexus 6S. I don’t know if it happens with all Nexus or Pixel that have made the leap to Android O. But this problem I already had with Nougat and remains in the Nexus 6S. The mobile shuts down when battery is low, at around 12 %. It is quite serious, because it cannot be used if you have less than a 10%, since if you open a game, the camera or the browser automatically shuts down.

nexus 6p android n duracion bateria

This is happening to many users of Nexus 6S. But I can’t say that happens to all users who have updated to Android O. But I do have to say, that the fact of update of Android Nougat, Oreo has not solved the problems of battery. The battery is lasting the same as with Nougat, and which is less than that with Marshmallow.

Continue to present the problems of battery and that the mobile is switch off when the battery power is low (less than 15 % in general). For the rest, all right ?

For now, I can say that I have not found any more problems or bugs that bother you when using your smartphone.

In a few days I hope to be able to tell you much more

Are only a few days of trying Android and I have not been able to squeeze it as much as I would like. So soon I will update the article with more things ?

have You tested Android Or? What do you think?

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