This is how the Instant Video of Facebook Messenger

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video calls lately are bigger news than ever. Facebook Messenger is the latest app related to this, because the Instant Video from Facebook Messenger are already a reality. This new or not so new invention of Messenger, is not something as simple as a video call, but that has more chicha, so don’t miss this that we tell you.

Within Messenger has appeared on the functionality of Instant Video. It is a video call with chat: video floating. Mix video call and chat at the same time as we see in the following picture the guys from Facebook have been published:

instant video facebook messenger

Instant Video of Facebook Messenger, here’s how they work

As we can see in the images, we are faced with the new Messenger. We will now be able to see us with a contact while we continued talking on the chat with total normality. You see that the above situation is very funny. This functionality promises.

in Addition, you can show the video call that the other user does not have why to do it. We, that is totally flexible. It is ideal for to see you “in small” with a friend while you’re talking on the chat as if nothing. It is a functionality that is quite curious and funny. It’s amazing what companies are innovating with video calls lately… you already know that the Duo allows you to make video calls from another prism, you call the other person and sees you before they catch you.

is Not a video call in reality

Given that a user may decide transmit real-time video and the other is not, it is not a video call really. But yes, it is something very similar: Instant Video. Videos instant real-time chats that you want comfortably. This will open a floating window, and start the broadcast.

The other person will need to be within the conversation for it to work Instant Video. At that time, it vibrates to indicate that it is all right to start broadcasting.

No, it does not work in Spain

was Already too much to ask, isn’t it? Is coming to Spain, but has not done so. We do not believe that late too.

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