This is how Google will protect you from fraudulent applications in the Google Play Store

he has On many occasions been questioned the security of the apps store of Android, the Google Play Store, and it is certain that it is not for less. Today, we’ve already had to report on the numerous applications that have appeared on Google Play with malware in its interior, or fake apps that masquerade as other to steal our data or bombardearnos with advertising, in many cases, difficult to remove.

But for the past one months, Google is putting hands to the work in order to avoid possible fraud or fake apps within the Google Play Store, and now, the big G have been presented through its official blog for developers, a new system of filtering applications to sort in a way more real, and above all, more secure in the face of the users, the lists of apps more popular and so to avoid the scams and the spam.

Google removes all applications false and fraudulent

Play StoreThis new protection system, consists in following closely the positioning methods that the developers use to locate their apps at the top of the lists. And is that many times we use methods to get fake reviews and thus achieve a better valuation.

For this reason, from Google indicate that these filters will be executed automatically in all of the applications that are uploaded to the Google Play Store, and point out that all of the apps currently in the app store, whose developers make use of these practices, some legal, will be eliminated altogether.

Without a doubt, this is a very good news for the users who, in many occasions, we may feel confused when downloading one or another app from the app store of Google, which in the beginning might seem similar. In addition, we expect that the big G continue implementing new methods of security with the aim of keeping data secure and the integrity of the users.

What do you think about this new method of security in the Google Play Store?

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