This is Crackables, the game of OnePlus, with which you can win $ 30,000

we had a couple of days ago, OnePlus had released a series of tweets on his official account, on what appeared to be a mysterious game that would soon come to us. In addition, we could know that Google had also participated in the development of the video game.

we have Not had to wait too long for what it is, Crackables is already here. It is a puzzle game that you will have to perform in the shortest possible time. There are prizes, and can reach up to $ 30,000.

A game against the clock with which you can win great prizes

OnePlus has been doing a countdown on his Twitter account, so that no one is lost the beginning of the challenge. As you can read, there is less than a day for everything to start. on The 18th of September at 14:00 is the time chosen. But, what is Crackables?

we Talk about a puzzle, a challenge which you have to solve against the clock. You can enter the web Crackables, only from the mobile, and to attend to the early stages of the project. In them we find our protagonist, whom you’ll need to free the walls of your smartphone. How? That is what you’ll have to find out.

it Seems that will not be easy, since we’ll have some juicy prizes. If you’re among the first 1000 people to solve the 3 challenges, you’ll be able to move to the next phase. It will be then when, thanks to an accessory physical, will be held the final stage, which will have as prize a set up valued at $ 30,000.

you Already know, if you want to fight against the many puzzles that you will face, just wait until tomorrow at 14:00. Don’t pass up the chance to try it.

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