This has been our first tournament in the Clash Royale

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The tournaments have come to Clash Royale with the last update. If you’ve already tried, you know that there is nothing easy to join a tournament, that is why yesterday we show you some tricks and tips so you can join tournaments in the Clash Royale and you will not prove impossible. What is true is that touches on a little impossible, but it can be done. We’ve got it and we’re going to tell you what you need to know about the tournaments Clash Royale:

As you know, the tournaments came to Clash Royale yesterday as a built-in feature of the app. Now you have enabled a tab with tournaments. From this tab, we can to join to the tournaments for prizes, although as I advance that it is not easy.

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Our first tournament in the Clash Royale, everything you need to know

After 10 minutes trying to join a tournament, finally I got it. This was not easy, but with the trick that I have told you yesterday of the second link I was able to do so. The key is in updating the list all the time and sliding the screen from left to right to refresh the tournaments available. How to find an orange that has places free dale quick to join, because in less than 1 second flies. I tell you, you’ll have to do this 50 times to get it right, but if you get it worth.

I yesterday I got it and it was good, it was very funny. The key is in win the maximum number of trophies in the duration of the tournament. In my case, it was 1 hour and 50 participants. You’ll have to go fighting against the users who are in the tournament, one could touch you repeated. The key is to winning the maximum battles that you can and depending on how strong the opponent, if you win, you will win more or less trophies. Both you can get 18 like 40 trophies. Who has the maximum number of trophies at the end of the tournament, wins a game, but if you’re first do not worry, you will prize the same.

Was second, and I won a chest in the 2nd place with 20 cards. Took in unlocked 5 hours (or 8) I don’t remember at all and was not bad (less gives a stone).

is Not bad. And remember, as long as you have a chest of tournament you cannot play another tournament. You’ll have to wait for the box to finish unlock or spend gems to rush and open it immediately. Once you have it open, because you’ll be able to join another tournament (yay!).

don’t miss the tournament of Samsung

torneo clash royale samsungRemember to join to the tournament of Clash Royale Samsung, with more than 8,000 euros in prize money. It is great, we have already registered.

how you’ve managed to take some other tournament in the Clash Royale? don’t hesitate to tell us about your experience in the comments.

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