This app will help you get wallpapers dark HD

Dark Wallpapers - HD

Dark Wallpapers – HD is a fairly lightweight application with which we can get with excellent wallpapers dark that we will be able either to download or set as wallpapers directly from the app itself.

are Not funds in white and black, well that is different -it may also have some-but they are funds of screen dominated by dark colors.

can Not be added as a background screen of certain applications, unfortunately -it would have to do it manually; that is to say, download the wallpaper, go to the application and set it as a background screen from the app – but yes you can set the images as profile picture to WhatsApp, for example.

Dark Wallpapers - HD

As we can see in the screenshots it is very easy to be able to download it or set any image as wallpaper. With only two clicks we will have everything ready.

This application is very basic: has no search or sort the items by categories, and of course not sorted in any way, but shows us all the images available in the application mode of the gallery in grids. And it is just there are 26 wallpapers, because the app is pretty new. Daily added wallpapers, so that we could change, if we wanted to and we would like to the application, the background of the screen on a daily, or almost.

we Assume that a time to incorporate more images if you have tags and categories to be able to sort them, in addition to of course add a search engine to find the items very easily. But, as I say, this time do not need as we only have today 26 wallpapers.

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