Things To Know Before You Buy A Laptop

Things To Know Before You Buy A Laptop

You do not want to simply buy a laptop and then start cursing that why you bought this thing. To avoid such possibility you need to know a few things about a laptop and some details about your own need. If you are able to know both and coordinate everything you will know which laptop you will need.

The variety

Know something very well that there are many varieties available in the market and if you are not sure to buy you might make some mistake in buying a laptop. If you want to know how to choose a laptop these are the things you need to know:

Your work

Ask yourself the question that what you will do with the laptop. This is the first of how to choose a laptop. If it is for all purpose go for the 15 inch one that will comfortably fit inside your living room. There are some other specified purposes like business, gaming, creative work and light surfing. If your main objective is writing or doing some basic works buy a laptop that has high durability.  If you want to play games choose a laptop that has high resolution. If you’re using it for creative purpose you will need a laptop that supports strong graphics and powerful processor. For just surfing you can use a low cost laptop.

The size

The sizes of laptops are categorized into four major categories. The first is the 11-12 inches that is used for thinner laptops and weighs less. The second is the 13-14 inches that is good for portability and usability both. These laptops weigh between 3-4 pounds. The 15 inches is the most popular size in laptops which weighs around 5-6 pound. The last among the category is the 17-18 inches which has storage drives and can be used for gaming and high productive works.

Check the keyboard and the touchpad

Do not just simply buy the laptop without using the keyboard and the touchpad. Ensure the system provided is comfortable enough for you. If you are using the laptop for writing purpose mainly make sure that the keyboard has high durability and the keys are in a position that allows you to type easily and fast. Check the sensitivity and the keys of the touchpad. Some laptops do not have leys. If you are not comfortable without keys do not buy that one.


If you are good knowledge about the specifications of the laptop then note it down. You can even consult a specialist who will guide you. You have to know the specific requirements of the RAM, CPU, Hard drive, Flash Cache, Display, Touch Screen, Graphics chip, DVD/blue ray drives.

Battery backup

No one loves to stick the laptop with the socket all the time. It is meant o be portable. So make sure that the laptop you are using has a good battery backup. It is applicable for all kinds of laptop and thus it is one of the most important tips of how to choose a laptop.

Other than the above stated factors there are factors like the budget and the preference of the brand while you buy your laptop.