These are the premieres that you can watch on Netflix from February

¿you Are a lover of the cinema at home? Well stay in order to know what will be the next releases of the best app of films and series of all, Netflix. Is up to date with the best series of the now and enjoy the best content. These are the premieres of movies and series from Netlfix for February 2019.

Discover the movies and series from Netflix for the month of love


Always a Witch

This is the 1st season of a series colombian based in Carmen, who is a slave and a witch, who at 19 is about to be burned at the stake for falling in love with a white man. However, performs a jump in time and appears in the modern Colombia of today.

it Was premiered on the 1st of February.

Russian Doll

This series is based on a woman who is trapped in a time loop after dying at the end of the night for his birthday. She awakes, and dawns again on the same day as if nothing.

it Was premiered on the 1st of February.

One Day At a Time

This is the 3rd season of One Day At a Time. A comedy series that, while it has not made much noise, if you like the typical family problems, and you laugh of them, for sure you’re going to have a good time watching this series.

premieres February 8.

The Umbrella Academy

This is one of the series most anticipated Netflix. The Umbrella Academy is situated in 1989 when 43 children born inexplicably women who never were pregnant are adopted by a billionaire who aims to bring them up to make them superheroes.

premieres February 15.


Velvet Buzzsaw

This movie is a thriller that unfolds in the city of los angeles, where the protagonist, who is an artist important, discover these paintings are very rare that are of a artist who have recently died and that seem to be cursed.

it Was premiered on the 1st of February.

The Breaker Upperers

This movie tells the story of two friends who met by being deceived by the same boyfriend 15 years ago. Since then, they decided to create a company that is dedicated to separating couples for money.

however, as they are with a client begins to become aware of the bad things that you are doing so that you start to generate a conflict.

premieres February 15.


Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale

This is a new anime that comes from the famous delivery “Sword Art Online”. Based on a video game Battle Royale (like Fortnite) the characters fight in a map to know who manages to survive and win the game.

opens the first of February.

hither came the premieres of Netflix for February 2019. We hope that you have enjoyed these recommendations. If you are a lover of Netflix, don’t hesitate to review the 5 best animated series that you can watch on Netflix.

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