These are the best selling products of Xiaomi and are not mobile

If you like technology and the smartphone world certainly know Xiaomi. A chinese brand with good fame among Android users. Fame got to force to create devices of great quality to prices very content. Smartphones that could compete equally with any other mobile phone firms rather than consolidated.

it Is a fact that Xiaomi has earned a position in this difficult environment. Get themselves a name on the ecosystem of the mobile phones is really difficult. But much more difficult is to stay in it. And this is something that Xiaomi is proving that can be achieved on the basis of a good job in all areas.

most sold Xiaomi are not your smartphones

But if you think that Xiaomi is just a manufacturer of mobile phones good, nice and a very good price you’re wrong. Xiaomi is a manufacturer’s multi-faceted. Dedicated from a few years ago also to the field of telephony, has a presence in many other sectors.

In fact, Xiaomi has no to their smartphones are among the products with the highest number of sales among the many manufactures. did you Know that Xiaomi also designs and manufactures appliances?. If you’re one of the thousands of lovers of this firm you’ll be happy to know that you can even fit a few Xiaomi. Yes, he has also made some shoes.

Today in Androidphoria we bring a summary of the major sales successes achieved by the chinese firm. Among them there are products as diverse as a scooter, electric or vacuum autonomous. But you’ll also see some other product that you are sure to be more familiar with.

The best selling products of Xiaomi

Camera Xiaomi IP Smart

Cámara Xiaomi IP

A camera designed as an excellent assistant for surveillance at a distance. A small camera that offers a resolution of 1080p. With 4x optical zoom and panoramic view of up to 360 degrees.

in Addition has Led lights providing a clear night vision. Also includes system audio input and output. That is, it includes speaker and microphone built-in. You’ll be able to interact at a distance with whomever you want online. Emits a signal live worthy of cameras manufactured by reputable companies.

And in case outside little, at a price very content, is able to offer recording of the images that we select. Includes a slot for MicroSD cards with capacity of up to 32Gb allows you to store images and videos in high definition. A perfect tool for video surveillance home or business. And a monitors for babies is really interesting.

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

Mi Notebook Air

The entry of Xiaomi in the sector of laptops could not have been better. Xiaomi launched the past year a spectacular pc soon to leave a trace in the market-making it an extraordinary success. Released in two sizes of 12.5 and 13.3-inch.

A notebook that reminds a lot of some other very famous, but that really has absolutely nothing to envy. With a design in aluminum very careful, and a weight of only 1.07 kg. The small model, 12.5-inch with Intel Core M3, 4GB RAM and 128 GB of memory, SSD. In addition it has Intel Graphics 515.

Really the Notebook Air offers features of high end at a price more than interesting. Include sound card Realtek ALC255 with speakers AKG stereo with 2W of power for each one. And they also have a micro usb port-C for fast charging.

And if to all this we add port HDMI, connection Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-fi ac/b/g/n for 2.4 GHz and 5GHz and FullHD screen. Not to mention its backlit keyboard that is a joy and the autonomy that promises a duration of 11.5 hours. what you’ll have in mind the laptop from Xiaomi when you think about changing the computer? Safe yes.

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water Purifiers Xiaomi

purificador aire Xiaomi

Yes friends, Xiaomi also manufactures water purifiers. And little joke with them in the chinese factory. Since his departure to the sale in the year 2015 are one of the best selling products of the brand. Achieving sales success in all its versions and improvements.

The Mi Air Purifier and My Air Purifier Pro, are two of the most acclaimed in china. Water purifiers with a bluetooth connection to an app that tells you what the most suitable program for your breathing air clean in any site.

To its huge demand, Xiaomi has even made a water purifier portable that can be used in the car. Low power consumption, LED lights for notifications, bluetooth connection and air pure. What more can we ask?

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleanner

Aspirador Xiaomi

A robot cleaner, that is, a vacuum cleaner that wanders around our house cleaning it myself. Already we had seen, sure, but maybe you didn’t know that Xiaomi has also made one. And that also is among the 10 products that they sell.

This cleanser self-Xiaomi has a quiet fan brushless with a huge suction power. moves by our home thanks to twelve sensors that perform the functions needed to not ride to blows. With a similar technology to that built into the cars auto-piloted, this vacuum cleaner avoids collisions with obstacles.

With a battery for cleanings up to two and a half hours with only one charge. As it could not be otherwise, this vacuum cleaner connects to our application. From there we can check the details of the process, and even make changes in the program. A great tool that will help us to keep the house free of dirt.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Mi Band 2 Precio

This sure sounds. The bracelet cuantificadora of Xiaomi was and still am a absolute hit from the moment of its launch. In its first version swept from the map to any other bracelet smart that pretends to resemble her. With some amazing prices being able to reach people who never thought to use one of these bracelets.

In its second version, My Band 2, Xiaomi has done no more than ratify the success achieved with its predecessor. Incorporating a small screen and a touch button managed a significant evolution very thankful for. And this while still keeping a price really interesting.

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As we see Xiaomi not only manufactures smartphones very competent. It is present in many sectors, and it appears that in all harvest great successes. Perhaps the secret of their success is offering quality products at good prices. would you buy an air purifier or electric scooter of the brand of your favorite smartphone?.

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