These are the best Naruto games for Android

Unfortunately, there are not many Naruto games for Android, are very few and some are not of good quality. Luckily, there are 3 excellent titles that are very well served in our mobile.

Although it is worth noting, that for some games you need a PSP emulator, because as we already said, it is very difficult to find titles of this great ninja in the Play Store.

it Is the only game currently active for Android. Their aesthetic is based on mini-cartoons. Here we see a large number of characters from the anime, even the 9 carriers of the monsters tails.

Each of the fighters have different skills that can be improved to be able to give more battle against the enemies. At the beginning we will start with a few ninjas, but little by little we will be unlocking more.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes: PSP Emulator

it Is a typical game of fight of Naruto. Here we will see several iconic characters that we can use to defend ourselves. Some of them can be transformed into a higher phase, and also perform special attacks that do a lot of damage.

there is No story as such to play, but for sure we will spend a good time playing this title. It is worth noting, that in order to play it we will have use a PSP emulator:

  • Download PSP emulator
  • Download video game.
  • Pass the video game to the PSP folder in the mobile.
  • Open emulator.
  • Run the game.

To understand the in depth details, we have a good tutorial that explains everything you need step-by-step.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact: PSP Emulator

it Is one of the best Naruto games that we can find. The dynamic is very different to that of the other, and the gameplay also. Have a medium top which allows you to see a large part of the site where we are. This is due to the fact that in every mission we will have to fight with a lot of enemies.

This game does have a story that we need to complete. The main objective, is to find Sasuke, and bring together forces to defend the village. In addition, characters with time they evolve and obtained new powers. Without a doubt, is one of the most recommended because it has a good development.

This should also be carried out by means of the emulator of PSP, as explained in the previous game. However, there are also games of Crash Bandicoot games that we can play on our Android.

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