These are the best games of survival for Android– 2019

No doubt, the game of survival are one of the genres most entertaining that exist. In this type of game will have great adventures, and we can go and develop little by little in an apocalyptic world, or in a life of a survivor.

below, we will show you the 5 best games in the survival of 2019. Some are very well known, and others are sufficiently entertaining as to play a long time without become bored.

ARK Mobile

ARK is one of the most popular games computer, and consoles. In 2018 arrived for the mobile platforms with great expectations and not disappointed the users. Despite being a game that has a gameplay that is confusing, they were able to adapt very well to the controls to the mobile.

in Addition, it has a few amazing graphics that will make us appreciate the scenery and the dinosaurs of the game. It is a title that we can squeeze the maximum by the amount of things we can do, since having our own base, to tame all the animals of the island.

Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth is a game apocalyptic zombie which is very extensive. The same survival we will send it out to places dark and dangerous where you will find all the resources that we need.

We can craftear all materials that we will use, and unlock new places every time we move forward. Title is a pretty entertaining and worth playing.

Ocean is Home

despite not having the best graphics, it is a very complete game. We will see the typical survival with a character who is left alone in the jungle, we need to build shelter, and hunt for food.

The best thing about this game is that you can to extract resources from everything that is on the site. We will be able to handle cars and boats. Even play in the multiplayer mode to survive with allies who can help us.

Zombie Anarchy

this Is a survival game strategic where we will have to learn to to think about each movement that we to beat the zombies. The truth is that it is a good title to keep you entertained without getting tired.

we Can say, that’s a bit similar to the gameplay of Clash of Clans. We will have that to place our characters in a specific point to destroy all the zombies that you see.

Day R Survival

In Day R Survival we will see a world full of radiation destroyed by nuclear bombs. The objective of the game is to leave the country with our whole family, and will not be easy. Due to the radiation, we will have to fight against mutants that attack us every time we see it.

it should Be noted, that it is a game quite strategic and very direct. We will have a view similar to that of SimCity, and little by little we will be sending to our character that we move from house to house depending on the missions.

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