These are the best free games for Android without in-app purchases

For a lover of video games, mobile there’s nothing better than stumbling across a good free title. However sometimes you can get many advertisements and shopping within them that make your experience not at all pleasant. The ideal would be to get games free of these ads. So today I present to you the best free games for Android without in-app purchases. So keep on reading this article.

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is the game for mobiles most famous in their style. Thousands of people from around the world compete for cash prizes. Each round has between 12 and 15 questions that you must answer if you want to have a chance of winning. Despite the fact that the format is not anything new, is the first trivia game live to mobile devices.

One of its novelties is that account with a host that will ask questions in real time. The rounds of questions are asked on a weekly basis in the schedules previously established. Definitely one of the games with more downloads in the last times and that has earned a great fame in the world.

Download HQ Trivia from Google Play via the link below.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a small franchise of free games for Android. Its games platform have the facility to trap the users by its rhythm and its simplicity. Each of the games in the series are quite short, but very entertaining. The last title free from the series is Geometry Dash SubZero. As is usual, its gameplay is simple and in addition account with your usual pace. It is certainly a development that will keep you busy for a good while.

you Can download Geometry Dash-SubZero by clicking on the link below.

Figthting Tiger

Figthting Tiger is a fighting game that has so much to offer. In this title you’ll have to help Gin to save his girlfriend and in addition away from the gang to which he belongs. Is inspired by the fighting games more classic, but here you will fight with several opponents at the same time.

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In the game there is a great variety of movements with which you will be able to attack your opponents. But you can also pick up weapons from the ground to defend yourself. And while it is not a game too new, meets everything you want from a game of brawl: action, emotion, freedom of movement and good gameplay.

you Can download this title from this link.

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