These are the best emulators PlayStation for Android

If you are a fan of video games, today is your lucky day. And is that as well as we present to you the best emulators of Nintendo to Android, today we bring you the best emulators of PlayStation for your mobile. But if you want to know more, you can stop reading this article. You’ll love what you can do with your Smartphone.

ePSXe the best emulator for the Play Station classic

¿Who doesn’t remember the classic original PlayStation? Surely spent many an evening in front of your console. But don’t feel nostalgia, with this software you can revive all those games that both enjoyed it. This emulator for Android is the mobile version of the famous ePSXe for pc which has been very successful among fans. It also has a very high compatibility, and can boast of having a very good speed.

The best knobs to play in your smartphone

ePSXe has been designed to be able to enjoy the titles of PSX and PSOne on your mobile phone or tablet. Also has a fantastic 2 players mode for Tablets. Another of its characteristics is its support for controls virtual on-screen touch. But also for smartphones with a keyboard or external controllers. Without a doubt your best option.

If you want to go back to playing your favorite titles of the old console PlayStation, click on the following link to download this emulator.

Relive your PlayStation 2 games with DamonPS2

there are Not too many options in the Play Store to play titles from the PlayStation 2. however, Damon PS2 is without doubt the best. This emulator is presumed to be able to run the vast majority of the games available in the catalog of this famous console.

But there is something that you should know about this emulator. Their technical demands are quite high and not all terminals have them. And is that the emulator requires at least a SnapDragon 835/845. This processor we can only find it on mobile phones such as the Xiaomi Mi6 or the S8, S9 and Note8 of the Galaxy series of Samsung.

Download DamonPS2 from this link.

PPSSPP emulator ideal for the PlayStation Portable on Android

If you want an alternative safe and sound for emulating the first handheld console from Sony, PPSSPP is your main option. To suit your needs, this app has two versions. A Lite free version and a Gold of the pay has a price 4,69 € .

This emulator can run most of the games for the PSP. However, your speed is going to depend on the power of your smartphone. So don’t keep waiting and turn your phone into a console PSP without any problem. And enjoy your favorite games.

Download PPSSPP from the Google Play Store via the link below.

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