These are the best apps of the week for Android

This week has been full of new developments. One of the most important was the presentation of the new mobile Pixel Google, but we have already spoken much of the news in the last few days, and that is why it is necessary to renew the air. Today here we have chosen the 5 best apps that arrived this week, applications that you can see below.

5 apps you can’t miss,

Unfortunately, of these five apps that bring you here today, only four are free. Sometimes it is good that the best apps of the week are all free, but as all can not, this week we get to have to pay for one of them if we want to download them all.

Badland Brawl

duel Game in the best style Clash Royale where you will have to defeat other players to be able to get huge jackpots. It should be noted that the developers of the title are the same who have created the platform game Badland, so that the result of this game for Android is of great quality.


New application created by Google for people looking for work, as well as for those who need to hire staff. It is a new bet from the big G to compete with services like LinkedIn. If you are looking for work, we recommend you give a try to this app.


puzzle Game very similar to Machinarium in which you will have to to help an ant to fulfill their dreams. To do this you have to combine different items and then use them in the levels that are going to appear on the screen.

Firefox Reality Browser

Mozilla was developing its browser virtual reality for a good time. Finally, the company launched the final version of this browser for Android, which bring you here today so that everyone can try it out by making use of a pair of virtual reality goggles.

Pac-Man: Ralph Breaks the Maze

The classic Pac-Man comes to Android an official with a game in which you’ll be able to access three different types of games of Pac-Man. The first of them is free, the other two are of payment, so that you will have to pay a few euros for access to the same.

Without much more to add, we want to clarify that all of these applications require a mobile phone with Android 4.1 or higher. If you have a terminal below of that operating system, then you will not be able to download these applications.

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