These are the best applications for Android flashlight

Flashlight Smartphone

At times we find that light be our home for one reason or another, and often do not have a flashlight handy, what can we do? because thanks to flash incorporating virtually all Android devices now we can use these as a flashlight , an alternative that can get us more of an inopportune time.

In the case of Android Lollipop disponéis this latest release brings to the market and available by default this option, but for those not disponéis this, we gather for you three applications of useful, simple flashlight and safe course , you must always observe permits applying these!

Flash Light

Open Flash Light

This is our first and main recommendation, Flash Light offers simple, with touches of Material Design, where only interface by clicking on the candle we light the rear camera flash.

Google Play | Open Flash Light (Free)

Tiny Flashlight

Linterna - Tiny Flashlight

Alternatively, although more comprehensive than others, because lighting has on screen using the maximum brightness of this with a white background as a bulb and with back flash of our terminal.

Its interface shows the percentage of battery terminal, which is important as this generates a high consumption.

For more, we find as applied to the lock menu as a notification, allowing turn on or off this quickly and easily.

Google Play | Tiny Flashlight (Free)



Finally find a simpler, and although the use of all is the same this offers a desktop widget to turn the flash on or off without accessing the application.

On the other hand, appreciate and includes advertising within this, which although not mind, can be a negative point according to the user.

Google Play | Flashlight (Free)

These applications are veterans and deeply discharged in the app store our Android operating system. Although they are simple and offer an interesting feature, it never hurts to have these in extreme cases that do not have a flashlight handy and urgently need light in one way or another when we are in the dark.

Of course they are completely safe, because we’ve personally reviewed the permissions that apply and enter normal, something that never hurts to review and avoid any problems, which of course would not be anything new between these.

As a personal recommendation invite you to try Flash Light, as it is the simplest, better interface and no publicity . Now you have no excuse to stay in the dark!

And you do you think? Head over These are the best flashlight apps for Android to make your mark.

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