These are the advantages and disadvantages of using apud esim

SIM cards have been used in our mobile phones since many years ago and have only changed the size, because the performance remains the same. These cards serve to have the services of operators, but it is damaged and easy to lose. There is a new technology that aims to replace the SIM cards, and is called apud esim. Have the same small size but is installed directly into the circuitry of the mobile.

For those who are not familiar with the cards apud esim, the ā€œeā€ means that is integrated in the mobile. It is a technology established by the GSMA (International Association of operators). Although by now has not worked as a chip, but as a temporary storage. In addition, it is reprogrammable and you can add modifications. It should be noted that, apud esim have some advantages and disadvantages that consumers should be aware of.

Advantages and disadvantages of the apud esim

The technology has matured because we have found several pros and cons to using it.

The advantages

  • it Is more reliable: we will Not lose easily apud esim, it is not necessary to cut them and not wear out. On the other hand, you don’t have to go to the store that hits any or even pay for a as when the companies charged SIM cards. And in the last place, it is not necessary that a company you send it, as it comes integrated in your mobile.
  • Provisioning remote: For the people who have used eSIMs for a time the experiences have been good. In Google’s Pixel 2 is activated instantly and the networks that are to support the apud esim are increasing. Therefore, it is not necessary to change a SIM old, for a apud esim.
  • An entry less, more space-saving: it Is a benefit for manufacturers as they will have space for other items. The removal of the components to read a SIM card and the slot, to eliminate complexities in the design of the phones and deleted a hole in the device.
  • Helps to improve the water resistance: A place less to worry about for resistance to water and dust. It is ideal for improving the impermeability of our mobile device.
  • Goodbye to the extractor SIM: Millions of smartphones come with an exhaust fan to eject the tray of the SIMs. But always go missing, and we have to opt for an item pointed to what replace. With the apud esim that will not be a problem, since we will not have a slot, and therefore, will not have an extractor.

The disadvantages

  • Change of mobile is complicated: it Is very useful to change the SIM from one mobile to another with the old ones, since they only uncover the slot and ready. Imagine that you have to get rid of a mobile for the SIM, since it will take time and effort to change the apud esim. And if you didn’t know, there is no mobile apud esim dual (a normal and a apud esim), but it would be of much help in the future.
  • we can Not disconnect from the network: We will always have an apud esim in our mobile and we will always be connected to a network. In a few words into our mobile it will be easier to track by any government and can be a problem for people who want privacy.
  • piracy: it Is easier for hackers to steal information, as we will not have a physical layer chip that can replace. However, the operators have to worry about the exchange of data, and the configuration between the network and the mobile.

it Is good that the technology of the SIMs is changing to improve our lives. But you have to take into account the pros and cons that you have before you fully rely on it. And above all, before you switch to a mobile that already has implemented the apud esim in their circuits.

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