These are the 5 mobile trends you’ll see throughout 2019

2019 will be a year of evolution within the Android universe. The more time passes, the bigger is the expectation among users of the operating system. For this reason, today we will tell you 5 mobile trends you’ll see in the 2019.

gone Are the surprises. So pay attention and discover what that will bring to this new year that just started.

5 mobile trends you’ll see in 2019

Notchs innovative

we have All been witnesses of how the notches take time to be trend among smartphones. However, its form has been changing and are now increasingly small.

In 2019 will designs even less intrusive, less annoying and they take up less space on the screen. A great example is the Xiaomi Play that has a cute and small notch in the form of a drop of water.

flip Phones

The 2018 was full of news about flip phones. Although there was one that already made its appearance in the Android universe, none of the big companies has launched theirs.

however, it is known that Samsung will launch theirs along this 2019. Also other brands like Huawei, Lenovo and Microsoft will begin to venture into this unexplored terrain. In a few words, a war of flip phones could explode this year.

Least headphone jacks, ports and buttons

Each time increases the number of smartphones that hit the market without headphone connector. It is not that the classic entrance 3.5 mm is dead, but companies like Google have preferred to leave it to one side.

Many manufacturers of phones want to simplify your hardware by discarding all possible inputs. This could be another of the trends that we will see in mobile in 2019.

The transition to 5G

2019 will be a year of transition to the network 5G. It all depends on the phone companies and their efforts to ensure that the users can enjoy the benefits of this new technology.

yes, this will be a slow process so don’t get your hopes during the first half of the year. Will wait to see what will be the first mobile to release the highly anticipated network 5G.

Photography with Artificial Intelligence

Devices like the Google Pixel and its function Night Sight, which achieves a high image quality in low light conditions, it is clear that the future of the moving picture goes beyond a simple sensor. The algorithms and processing with neural networks make the results of the photographs are better.

For this reason, many manufacturers will begin to develop this kind of functions for the cameras of their mobile phones throughout the year. As you note, are different mobile trends which we will see in this 2019. Of all of the list, what is the most you like?

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