These are the 5 browsers more secure than Android

The browsers used by our searches, location, preferences and many other things to offer better results. Although also use this information to sell it, and to offer custom advertising.

For this reason, many times we want to browse privately and leave no trace on the Internet. To achieve browse privately, we will 5 top browsers for Android.

Firefox Focus

Mozilla development this project with the aim of creating a browser-completely private. You will not find so many add-ons as in the original browser of the skunk orange. is Simply a tool to navigate, without which no one can see you.

Firefox Focus automatically blocks a wide variety of web crawlers, making sail at a greater speed, since, the web pages require less data and load it before.


If we talk about privacy, DuckDuckGo is the browser par excellence. This browser creates an encryption protection that prevents web crawlers gain access to our data whenever possible.

The browser works with a table of degree of privacy that goes from a To F. This rating allows us to know the degree of protection immediately and so be aware of the risks that we take when accessing a website.


Another great option to hide our identity is Ghostery. This browser allows us to see who keeps track of our data in the websites we visit, and makes possible the locking or unlocking of these sites when we want.

encryption is able to block the advertising of web sites what that something pretty nice.

Tor Browser

Tor aims to make all users look the same, making it difficult for the task to the web crawlers to know our personal data and device information. Your traffic is relayed and is encrypted three times as it passes through the network.

Also allows us to access web sites, our Internet service provider has blocked, because, not knowing who we are can’t block.


it Is a browser developed from the source code of Tor so their quality to protect our data is guaranteed.

Your only detail is that requires us to set up the proxy Orbot, but it is a nuisance worth taking if we want to have privacy when surfing.

If you do not wish to install any other browser, we always have the possibility of using an incognito window, like the one provided by Google Chrome.

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