These are the 5 best games of detective in the whole Play Store

Many of us have been amateur detectives when we see our series or favorite movies. We try to to solve the crimes before which the main actor to do so. Discover who is the culprit of the crimes we can get to obsessing.

With the 5 sets of detectives that you will get you’ll have the same anxiety by discover the criminal. The difference is that this time depends on you find the culprit. Then, are you ready?

Who Is The Killer? Episode I

A game that will have you thinking all the time. Incredible scenes and a musical environment suspense you will be caught from the beginning. At each step we move forward, we must believe in our instinct and to distrust of all if you really want to resolve the case.

Excellent mini-puzzles don’t stop get out of the cell.

Sherlock Holmes Hidden Objects

A list of detectives without the great Sherlock Holmes would not be a true list of detectives. You only have to find all lost objects in different scenarios. Although it sounds simple, it can be a difficult task to achieve.

The history of the game, find the friend of Holmes, doctor Watson who has disappeared in a mysterious way. Recognized as the best Spanish game of finding hidden objects.

CSI: Hidden Crimes

The series’s most famous detectives comes to your smartphone. CSI: Hidden Crimes is based in Las Vegas. THE game is in several languages. It’s really entertaining and you can play in cooperation with other people online.

Has a great interface and in addition it brings to the faces of the real characters of the television series.

Sara Is Missing

Sara is lost is a very entertaining game. The suspense is present throughout the development of the story. Unlike most games in this list, this is not homicide. Your mission is to find the whereabouts of Sara. The only clue you have is their cell phone. A very interesting game that shows how much we are united to the technology today.

What is striking about the game is that there is not a single path to follow, each track and each discovery may change the history of the game. Winner of several awards as “Best Upcoming Game” and “Jury’s Honorable Mention”.

I Am Innocent

it Is an excellent game, and very original. In this case the victims are teenagers, you should try to solve the cases with telephone calls realistic in the game, a messaging application, hacking, photographs and documents.

you Should find this serial killer. Multiple endings, it all depends on the answers you give throughout the game. If you are a lover of solving cases, this game is for you.

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