The Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 bend like plasticine

RedMi Note 3 características

We love the test of strength because we see what we are able to support the terminals, in this occasion, the Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 that has been faced a hard test of resistance. You can’t miss it, especially if you are a curious or if you want to buy the terminal, so you know what you have in the house… since I advance that something will happen you don’t expect.

This video of a stress test of the Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 only lasts 5 minutes and you can see all kind of hard evidence, as the test if it bends. And yes, the RedMi Note 3 bends very easy and it is something that has us worried enough:

RedMi Note 3, resistance test

We’ve been amazed with what easy bend this terminal, long time not saw something like that. In the previous video, people are subjected to many tests to the RedMi Note 3, Xiaomi. Tests rascazos, fire and as not a proof of truth… to know if the terminal is bent, and therefore, if it is blandengue.

For what it costs and its benefits, we can not ask much. is Not very resistant, but neither should we consider it a major defect for its price.

  • Is stripe pretty easy (for any part).
  • fire damage (like any other mobile phone).
  • bends too easy.

Perhaps the problem is that it bends so easy it scares. it is Not normal that is double as well, because it seems like a bit of a toy. If you put the minute… the minute 3, you will be amazed.

bends too easy, something that is of concern to users

The big problem in the RedMi Note 3 extracted from this test of resistance, is that doubles as clay. It bends too easy. With this you don’t have solution if you want to buy, but if you give recommendations: take it always protected with cover to make it more resistant by itself and be careful not to sit on top of it, because it could bend easy.

Although I insist, is a terminal great but cheap, it is normal to withhold on these expenses.

How does you has left the body?

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