The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S update to the Android Standing at the ROM Global

finally, after a long time waiting, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S has received the new version of Android, Android 9.0 Foot. This latest modification comes to the version of the ROM Global with MIUI 10.

If you want to download the ROM you should know that it is MIUI V10.0.4.0 and is available for the whole world. Not be long in coming to your smartphone via OTA. Is more, you could already be available to install on your device. Remember that in order to receive updates via OTA you need to have the ROM Global (not a fake) is installed on your device.

My Mix 2S, the first to get a Foot in the global

unlike what many thought, the My Mix 2S is the first to receive the Android Standing in the ROM Global. In addition to adding a lot of changes, also receives enhancements on the GPU with its latest version of software, improving the performance in the games.

In fact, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S is the perfect alternative for those who don’t like the My 8. You can get My Mix 2S for about 325 euros in global version, with warranty in Spain. This device, unlike My 8, is more compact, has a ceramic body, the same house that his cousin-brother, and even an added extra, the wireless charging.

The next Android Foot, the Xiaomi Mi 8

having said this, the next news that we have of MIUI will surely be the arrival of Android Standing 9.0 global version of MIUI 10 in the Xiaomi Mi 8. This last you need to add some modifications such as the correction of the problem of the notifications and some progress.

it Is possible that there are still missing a few weeks so that the owners receive this version of MIUI 10, but not long in coming, we are very confident of this. The Mi 8 is the device star of the signature, behind the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. While there is no My 9 it is possible that all the light bulbs remain focused on My 8.

A bravo more by Xiaomi, which updates its personalization layer Android Foot. The change comes earlier than other brands with much more equipment, such as Samsung…

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