The virus alerts on your mobile-only ads

it Is clear that in Android we have to be very careful, because there are always loose some other malware or viruses. So if you get a constantly alert that you have a virus on your smartphone… better not to do case, because there could be a ad to earn money with the click or to get you to download a supposed app that delete the fake virus.

it Is fashionable that the ad put “you have a virus, soluciónalo now”. Show all horrible, with alerts as if it were the worst thing in the world… but it is clear that it is marketing, for you to click and earn money. And if you step you install an app, even better. So beware of these practices that are becoming more common.

The virus alerts on your mobile are only ads

As you come out telling, the advertising mobile every time is about more to this than we tell you. Normally, we get advertising for clothes, of technology, of several things that we look at… but since the smartphone, it happens that in many occasions, we depart alerts that lead us to install applications such as antivirus and optimizers batteries.

Is typical, a notice that informs us that we have a virus or something on the mobile and that we should put a solution. And this happens by downloading an app that would solve everything. but as you say, is advertising and goes out to earn money to change it.

The goal is to earn money to change your innocent click, do not click, it is not necessary because it is not a virus, it is an advertisement

So be very careful, because if you get this alert you have a virus, don’t worry. You mobile will not die! Is advertising.

So quiet, you will not have to install any antivirus or battery optimizer. It is not necessary, because you have nothing in your smartphone. If you did not you would in the browser this ad when you enter a website, it is to do sprints!

Now you can browse more calm, without fears.

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