The video of WhatsApp arriving for an end to all over the world

Cómo hacer una videollamada por WhatsAppseveral weeks Ago that users of the beta version of WhatsApp you can access the new feature of video calls, a feature that we already were able to prove in his time, in order to explain how was the experience and the performance of this new method of communication through the popular service instant messaging.

Now, finally, all the users of WhatsApp can get access to this option, and that is that video calls have already come to the stable version of the application for all the available platforms.

WhatsApp already offers video calls to all

As we already mentioned in his time, make a video call using WhatsApp is very simple, and it is that the application uses the same interface that a regular voice call, offering a new option with which we will be able to choose the mode of video call.

Before you can make or receive a video call in the latest version of WhatsApp, it will be necessary, if you have not done so already, grant the required permissions to the application, whether to access the camera or microphone of your device.

Without a doubt, and even though WhatsApp is not far from the first app to include this feature, it is more than likely that will become a successful mass thanks to the simplicity it offers, as well as the popularity of the messaging service belonging to Facebook, something that is lacking in most of their direct rivals at present.

So now you know, if you have not yet tried the video call on WhatsApp, you can already download the latest version of the application from the Google Play Store, as always, free of charge. In addition, iOS users also will be able to download from today this new version of the app.

Google Play | WhatsApp Messenger (Free)

And you, what have you already tried the video calling WhatsApp?, what do you look like? Don’t forget to leave your opinion.

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