The version of Google 6.13.5 Alpha already integrates Google Assistant

it Is very likely that you can’t prove it, but in the application Alpha Google (the application of Google, the classic of the seeker that is in all Android) have already integrated Google Assistant.

The alpha applications are not like the beta, usually an alpha is full of errors and bugs that are not recommended for the users of the street but thanks to this release we know that Google Assistant is built in the same although it is likely that it never reaches us.


Google Assistant could reach through the application of Google

Android Police has reviewed the beta version to the perfection and it is likely that an error or of a real test in which Google is about to release his assistant for all in one’s own application of the company. short-term, it seems difficult for Google to make getting your assistant to all Android but long-term it would be good for them and for us, make no mistake.

it Seems that the wizard is something that everyone wants to try but so far only know 3 or 4 languages and is not that it is very stable. Yes, if you want to try Google Assistant you should know that you can already download the APK and test it as you would use Google Now.

What you can try, but nothing guarantees you go to get to the stable version

This new Google application not only adds the Google Assistant but has added the support for online payments, sample of shipments, improvements in the search page, and more things, all configurable from the Settings application. In the application there are also traces of the search offline (Lite Mode) and some extra details on the future improvements of Google in the same.

What is certain is that in Android Police have crumbled to the full, we have tested some of our devices and the truth is that it works quite well though note that it is not at all polished. It is also likely that in some devices, the only thing to do is to give you an error and say that has stopped the application of Google. Below we leave you the APK if you want to experiment with Google Assistant, if he fails only you will have to uninstall the app and re-install the stable version or uninstall the updates.

Download | Google with Google Assistant

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