The upcoming smartphone of Nokia with Android poses for the camera once more


Fortunately for all of us, 2017 looks like being one of the best years in terms of mobile telephony is referred to. Samsung should strive to the maximum to forget the fiasco of the Galaxy Note7, BlackBerry returns to keyboards physical QWERTY of the hand of TCL, and of course, we will witness an almost historic as it is the return of Nokia, this time with Android.

And today again we turn to speak about this last event that all lovers of mobile telephony we expect to win. In effect, a new filtration has come to light, allowing us to watch an image in which is shown one of the smartphones Android-Nokia should provide information on the next month of February in the MWC 2017.

Is this the new mid-range Nokia?


Thanks to the people of Playfuldroid we have been able to learn about these images that would have come to light today, where you can observe with more detail the front of the device.

On this front, we’re going to find the screen, supposedly, a 5.2-inch, accompanied by a fingerprint reader and two buttons capacitive located under this panel. It is necessary to comment that, in this case, we would be faced with one of the mid-range models of Nokia with Android, the price of which already have known some days ago.

Taking this into account, this device filtering in the day of today, would have nothing to do with the Nokia P we met a few days ago, since the latter will be the flagship of the Finnish firm. Even so, it is likely that both are known in conjunction during the next MWC 2017

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