The united states gives free rein to the FBI to spy any PC on the planet

FBI Estados Unidos

a Lot of people have a fear of them spying from your mobile or from your PC, yes, it is not the first time that a friend asks me if it is easy for someone to be able to see what is inside of your device from another party.

Obviously, the answer to this question is somewhat complex, power can be another thing is that it’s going to do. This means that if you have correctly configured your phone (activating the encryption, for example) it is virtually impossible for someone else to do, and in the case that it’s going to make should have a reason for it. The FBI will not invest resources and money in spying on a normal user that has no problems or there is suspicion that you are hiding something.

the united States will allow the FBI to spy on any COMPUTER in the world

Now, the united States has given a landmark judgment and it seems that after the revelations of Edward Snowden are being carried out sentences never seen before. The courts of EE.UU, have been a shift to the privacy of the user giving the option to any judge in the country to authorize the FBI to hack any COMPUTER in the world.

don’t forget the case of the iPhone that were not able to hack (San Bernardino) for the Apple refused to collaborate, and now if, for example, in the united States is investigating a case in Spain, the FBI would be authorized to enter in your PC without any further requirements that the order of a judge. The FBI has hackers and tools so powerful they can even violate the security of networks such as TOR.

Obviously, the hacker can not all, if a user is sufficiently cautious it could give the chance that the FBI could not gain access to your PC or your mobile but yes it is true that you can always find a way to get information. This to me personally I do not like too much since the laws of the countries should respect, but yes it is true that I have not the slightest doubt that the FBI is not going to devote resources to spying on the photos of an 18 year old girl naked but rather will use this new ruling wisely and for the fight against one of the more serious things in the world, terrorism.

This measure violates laws of different countries

There are cases in which the evidence have been rejected for lack of authorization and in this way the FBI will not have to ask for permissions to get the information that you need. It is a double edged sword but it is what they believe and there is no doubt that in the united States plays in the elite of the planet, but… To what extent can a government do what it wants, and to act with carte blanche against all users of the Internet? Should be bureaucratically limited to spy on any citizen of the planet. Like can spy on PCs will soon be able to spy on mobile with freedom and that’s a real danger.

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