The top 3 decks with the spell Healing of Clash Royale

Today we want to tell you about the best decks with Healing of Clash Royale. It is clear that for the moment it is too early to say that these decks are the best with this spell. But there is no doubt that not have a bad pint. As you know, this letter of healing you can get it now with the challenge of healing of Clash Royale. So I don’t want you to miss the video below if you want to know more and tricks to play with the letter.

But as you say, the letter is now available only if you tap in the challenge. Another option is from the day may 1 that will be available in many chests.. let’s Move on to the decks with Healing of Clash Royale:

Best decks with Healing of Clash Royale

these are the ones that we recommend (and we have tested for now):

  • Mazo1: healing, bomber, prince, giant, barrel of goblins, horde of minions, a trio of mosqueteras and baby dragon. It is one of the best decks that are now. It is for those who play with giant and trio of mosqueteras.
  • Mazo2: lumberjack, log, cure, globe, check, hound’s lava, hangman, army of skeletons and mage power. This deck is intended for those who often play with hound and balloon, because it is a combo very strong and infallible.
  • Mazo3: hound lava, fire ball, balloon, healing, barbarians, megaesbirro, mining and ice mage. This deck is like the previous, but it is a little easier to play at least for my taste. We recommend that you try both.

Any of the three decks is fabulous, you’ll have to choose the one that best suits the level of your cards or how you play. One is type giant/trio mosqueteras, and the other two more of hound and balloon, attacks by air.

These decks are green because the letter only takes 1 day in the game, we will soon have more

As you say, we may soon be able to show you many more decks. But to get started isn’t bad, because these 3 decks with healing of Clash Royale are interesting and work.

how We liked our decks with Healing of Clash Royale? Can you recommend us some ?

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