The success of the Chromebook each time closer to

5 razones para comprar el Chromebook Flip

Chromebooks have improved a lot during the last years, that have added options such as being able to install the Play Store and run Android apps without affecting the price. As you know, by the time the ASUS Flip, and Acer R11 allow you to run Android applications, so that is one of the great features of the new Chromebook. This confirms that we are not approaching a good time, so that sooner or later could reach the success of these computers (up to Google to raise the prices).

Chromebooks are perfect for tasks of the office, because they are cheap and take up little space, which are very useful to carry around. In addition, we now even have touch screen and you can convert tablet. They have improved a lot and your success is near.

Aplicaciones Android en Chromebook

The success of the Chromebook to less than 1 year

With a Chromebook of the past now you can do many things:

  • Write documents / excel sheets.
  • Refer to the Internet through the browser.
  • Use it as a tablet, a touch screen.
  • Use many programs through the extensions.
  • Run Android apps (you can install Chrome extensions to use either Android apps, by installing the Play Store, this way you will be able to run apps like Skype on your Chromebook).

With the passage of years have improved a lot. And the best part is that for the time being have not risen in price. If you want to buy one of these last Chromebook that allow you to run Android apps, you’ll see that around 300 euros, even 200 euros second-hand. For that price, you get a computer is ideal for users that you give a basic usage: browsing, gaming, apps, write etc

right Now, yes, I think it’s good time to buy a Chromebook. But if you want to use, from computer to computer (and not having another), you will still have to wait a bit longer, because you might fall short.

Soon will be better and more expensive

we look forward to a year more Chromebooks, more powerful and with more storage. Now are cheap because they are limited, but if you get by well with the cloud, you could go right to the move.

We are confident, based on our experience, that ehe success of the Chromebook can get and it’s possible that in one or two years are very good and popular in the market. Now that you can run Android apps, has changed a lot the thing.

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