The sticky notes of Windows 10 will sync with Android and iOS

synchronization is something that has really come into our life in recent years. Microsoft already integrates very well with Android but don’t want to be there. Now they have introduced this utility in your sticky notes: you type in Windows 10 will also be on Android and iOS and vice versa.

“post-it ” virtual” is something that we use almost every day and use them the same way on our phone and PC is something that should already be. Even so, it is better late than never, don’t you think the same?

notes Windows are synchronized with Android and iOS

This news has more of the things you can think of at first. The first of these is that you will not need a different application, but use of the basis that they already had. Specifically we talk about OneNote (which, by the way, we quite like how it works and how well optimized it is).

To do this will make use of a dedicated tab for viewing on any device and the notes are synchronized. That is to say, will not be fully integrated but it doesn’t bother us. For example, when you create a note “sticky” in our computer will be able to see on your mobile in a dedicated tab for this purpose.

“have notes synchronized on the pc and the phone should already be available, although it is better late than never”

The tool comes in the latest update of OneNote on mobile devices. To enjoy it, you’ll just have to make sure you have the latest version and is already, you don’t have to do anything else not even on your computer. Before you follow will leave you with all the information about Bluestack 4, the best Android emulator on Windows for the moment.

This is all I have for you the new feature of Windows integration. We invite you to leave us your opinion in the comments section. What do you found this news? Does the use or thou shalt make use of other applications such as Google Keep?

Source | Phone Arena

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