The smartphone that HTC should create to stay afloat

El terminal que debería fabricar HTC

HTC , formerly High Tech Computer Corporation has been one of the most important companies that have existed in the world of Android , plus the first to bet on this operating system with HTC Dream in October 2008, and the version Apple Pie (1.0) .

Since then, HTC has remained Android devices later adding your customization layer Sense from HTC Hero . A fruit layer excellent work since, although the layers are not of a general appreciation among users, it has managed to convince many for its amazing fluidity and its various improvements over the general operating system .

HTC Sense

But lately it seems this company goes in the doldrums. Despite being an important reference in the world of Android, he is now far behind its main competitors. What can be happening? Why are now in this situation?

we can find an answer if we analyze the model presented in 2015 against the others offered by the competition. This terminal is the HTC One M9 , and these are the characteristics that went on sale. Characteristics that a priori quite promising, but it left something behind over its competitors. We speak mainly three: price, camera and design



HTC wanted to change the Ultrapíxel which included the M8 by a main 20 megapixel camera with BSI sensor f / 2.2, sapphire crystal and double LED flash on the M9, relieving the Ultrapíxel itself to the front camera. A change in principle promised but came up short, since the camera did not include optical stabilizer whereas other competitors, and the final quality of the camera is not turned out to be the promised staying slightly behind the competition.

A good choice for a next phone would include such optical stabilizer in the camera sensor to improve quality and provide a better opening and could be an f / 1.9 , for greater illumination.


Disenos HTC One M7, M8, M9

The design we see today at the terminals of this company was originally introduced in the HTC One M7. Unibody body based on aluminum and with an aspect premium that the public loved it. The problem came when the company repeated design on the rear terminals to One M7, modifying only small details and even worse others like as the huge untapped framework where we can see the letters of HTC .

At least in the M7, in that place were located the capacitive buttons , so that the space seemed to be better exploited. In a new terminal could correct this hypothetical step back and include the buttons in this space.


Finally, a very important when purchasing a terminal factor. Price . It is something that must go hand in hand with the features offered by the manufacturer, that is, it can not be grown in the time to set it if your terminal is weaker compared to its competitors. As mentioned above, the M9 camera is left behind, and caused by the repeating pattern that was not as attractive as its rivals a priori … and even more if the starting price is equal to or greater than: 750 euros .

have thought a lower price, sales would have perhaps been a little better for HTC, and then there would plummeted like that. A factor to consider if you want to trace back to …

What could we ultimately expect HTC to save the situation?

In short, the features that could have the terminal course would be:

  • 5 “screen with full HD resolution.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820 or revision of the Snapdragon 810 with overheating problems solved.
  • 3/4 GB DDR4 RAM type.
  • minimum 64 GB internal storage, though it would be nice if there was a version of 128 GB.
  • 16 megapixel camera with OIS and aperture f / 1.9.
  • Micro SD.
  • removable battery, with a minimum of 3200 mAh.
  • Design renovated while maintaining characteristics premium , such as a quality aluminum.
  • reasonable costs no more than 500-600 euros
  • .

These features however a bit far from possessing the rumored HTC Aero , which seems to have a MediaTek processor (which is currently very good choice and get to compete with Qualcomm, but beware updates), a QHD (it really necessary?) screen and a non-removable battery, apart from an extremely continuity design. Only need to know the final asking price, if it turns out to be very high, we do not HTC save your current situation.

And you, think that what should be the characteristics of smartphone HTC savior?

And you do you think? Head over to the smartphone that HTC should be created to make ends meet to make your mark.

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