The Samsung Galaxy S8 could only be Edge

Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the best mobile in the market but a problem with its battery left Samsung out of the game, now koreans should start thinking about the soon release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Korean media has already started to enquire about the future flagship of Samsung.

As we can read in the Korea Herald, Samsung might be using a screen Edge (screen curved) on the future Samsung Galaxy S8 but the difference is that Samsung could mount the screen curve on both models.

galaxy s7 s7 edge en imagenes

A Samsung Galaxy S8 with models Edge

Although at the moment it is early to say so outright if the Samsung Galaxy S8 would not be of a model plane the first rumors speak of both models, with the screen curved, one with a 5.5-inch display and another with a screen of 5.1 inches, but both with the screen curved on both edges.

Samsung has also launched a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 without the curved screen, and that could mean that the high-end Samsung would begin to mount the curved screen in all cases. It also remains for us to see if finally with the Samsung Galaxy S8 will screen in 4K will give a better virtual reality experience, that yes, you will need a powerful processor and specifications to provide optimal performance.

Samsung has problems to self-stock up on

is Not the first time that Samsung Mobile could not supply their own mobile with their own screens Edge, mount screens 4K and curved edge in all their phones would be an interesting challenge so we think that time might not be ready for it.

we Also know that Samsung should take a path similar to Apple, try a dual chamber with great quality in their phones with better actual and perhaps also a touch-sensitive screen with a technology similar to the 3D Touch Apple.

Yes, the S version looks like it could be very double, dual curved edge and double screen great quality, there will be that wait for the rumors to move a little more to have more data and more accurate.

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