The Samsung Galaxy S6 can be seen in real images with his Edge version, and arrives!

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The event Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona is just around the corner, four days until manufacturers are ahead of the initial opening and present their new products, who for many will be called to guide its portfolio of devices for this 2015

Samsung is the almost undisputed leader in volume of handsets with Android, and that is felt in every event. Your new Samsung Galaxy S6, which little by little we know more details, will be one of the main protagonists in these days, and today, thanks to xda, can approach something more to your appearance with the latest leaked images.



As you can see from the pictures, the new terminal star of the Korean firm Samsung poses next to what looks like his version Galaxy S6 Edge terminal identical physical characteristics except for the new curved portion screen, just at the right margin as we saw in the analysis of the Galaxy Note Edge. We do not see with the naked too view details, but if you look at the bottom of the terminal, we could see a thickness seems more carefully, and could be hallmark of the new S6, a lightweight design and fine extremely fine to capture consumer attention fast.

Also according to the picture, coming from The Verge, we appreciate reasonably similar, at least, with terminals as Apple iPhone 6 Plus .

hope to have more details before departure, but no doubt that it Sunday, March 1, Andro4all raealizar√° a great display to bring you all the information live quen what Samsung can introduce.

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