The protection against telephone spam comes to the Nexus

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Good news for the Google’s Nexus and Android One, because now you have protection against telephone spam. This novelty comes with the app Phone Google, which jumps to version 4.0 and allows them to enjoy this great novelty to the users who have a terminal-compatible, such as that previously you have commented.

The users of Nexus can be happy, because the protection against telephone SPAM is great news and functionality is very expected. Now the function of caller ID, we will advise on whether the incoming call is phone spam. This is what we have been able to know via +Nexus and, as we see in the main image, for that particular number it reports that there could be a spam.

Bloquear llamadas y SMS

Protection against telephone spam in the Nexus and Android One

Many times we see that he calls us “a number” unusual ” and doubted if to catch or pass. We think that it might be spam because we do not know the number or sounds to us, that is advertising and not take, but who knows if it could be an important call.

Now we have the function caller ID and spam that comes enabled by default. We will be able to turn it off (although this is not recommended because it makes the well). If you want to disable this option you will have to do so from the app Settings Google Phone.

from now on, we will have many more possibilities and, of course, a better life and more quiet in the Nexus and on the part of the application of Google Phone 4.0.

users go alerting of SPAM at Google

But keep in mind that this spam could not detect all the calls of spam if you previously have not done so or have not been popular for this reason. This works the following way: if many users get put in the spam list a certain number, automatically the Phone app Google will show that this number is spam. So that a call is spam and not appearing to us as such, we will be able to lock it so that you will no longer bother us, and thus warn other users.

This functionality really comfortable and revolutionary. Because we improves the quality of life in the phone calls.

Download Google Phone 4.0 APK

you Can check if you already have it active on your Nexus with Google Phone 4.0. I leave the APK below if you are interested in hit a download.

do you Already have you tested it?

Download | Google Phone 4.0 [APK Mirror]

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