The operator AT&T may stop to sell the Galaxy Note 7

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AT&T may stop to sell the Galaxy Note 7 definitely. What have blocked the airports, the places with flammable liquids, and now even a carrier might stop selling. what Will be the order of the Galaxy Note 7? which promised to be the flagship of Samsung crumbles to giant steps. Last week we had a new case of an explosion of a Galaxy Note 7 in a plane and that has go back to raising a lot of criticism about the south Korean company.

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AT&T may stop to sell the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

As is widely known case of the Galaxy Note 7 exploit. This serious problem against which Samsung is still facing, has affected a large number of devices of the brand in south korea, which has led to the company facing millions of dollars in losses.

worst of all, not only that in addition, if you are not the bad image they have left of the public. Some international airlines prohibit the passage with a terminal Galaxy Note 7 on, you can’t even upload to the device in airplane mode. And what has been the response of the company? Send to repair millions of devices.

But by a quirk of fate, things have been put back ugly for Samsung. Last week was operated by another Galaxy Note 7 in a plane, having to evict the entire crew and passengers. Reviews of new.

Goodbye to many Note 7

First of all this situation, the operator AT&T has taken a step back. It seems that he has tired of criticism from consumers for this terminal, and could decide to stop selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 final form in the coming weeks.

If this policy spreads to the rest of operators worldwide, very soon Samsung may be in very serious problems. If the return of millions of terminals was not enough, we can’t even imagine what would happen if it is not sold even a single unit of this “dangerous” flagship of Samsung.

do you Think that AT&T does well to stop selling the Galaxy Note 7? Do you think that is too drastic may have taken?

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