The Nexus “Marlin” (2016) would come with Snapdragon 821

Nuevos Nexus HTC 2016

This morning, I mentioned that it had been leaked the specifications of the new Nexus 5 from HTC, with features medium to high range and keep the 5 inch screen. But now, we have found some surprising data in reference to the other model Nexus that we would have, a Nexus 2016 “Marlin” that would come with Snapdragon 821. This is what we have:

The high-end Nexus for this 2016, will come with the best chip on the market to date, the Snapdragon 821. This chip has not yet been announced as you already know, so you still need to know more details, although we know it will be high-end.


Nexus 2016 high-end “Marlin”

With a very weird name (code), “Marlin”, this Nexus wants to be the best mobile on the market. A successor to the Nexus 6S, which for now we do not know anything away from your chip, Snapdragon 821. This chip promises to eliminate the overheating problems and offer better performance, plus better battery management. That doesn’t sound bad since then.

What are we looking for? A screen 5.7-inch Quad HD. A Snapdragon processor 821 as you can see here and 4 or 6 GB of RAM. For the rest, more or less what we already had, but with some novelty. We will repeat with the finger sensor, fast charge, internal storage to spare and a good battery. And of course, Android N running as it should and not full of bugs.

As you already know, along with this Nexus will come out the other, the Nexus 5X’s that we tell you everything we know in the first link. Are two good terminals without doubt these Marlin and Sailfish. Still need to figure out what would be manufactured by HTC, because the rumors don’t stop contradicting herself. It makes sense to take the high-end, but it also makes sense that Huawei repeat, although it is possible to do so in 2017.

we also Know that the HTC 10 it would be a good base, so that will have to wait to see results. It is not too much to get to know more and more what’s new cool new thing from Google.

Until September does not know everything

we will Continue to outstanding every day on the new Nexus from Google, but it will be September when I get to know all official. As you already know, Android N is expected in its final version for August.

we are looking forward to the new Nexus to their prices, as come back to be prohibitive, it will lower the price in a matter of months.

What are you waiting for the new Nexus?

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