The Nexus 5X presents problems of screen yellow

Nexus 5X con pantallas defectuosas

we Hate the screens defective and on all the screens yellow. Since this defect could be come integrated into some Nexus 5X. As we have seen especially via Reddit, some users begin to complain that their Nexus 5 have the screen yellow, and as we will see in the following picture there is no trap or cardboard, we are facing a problem of screen that requires replacement. I tell you everything about the new Nexus 5X screen yellow:

Your Nexus 5X could have the screen yellow

Not what we want to believe, but it is as real as we feature the boys of the Android World, and many Nexus 5 might come with the screen defective. As we see in the following image, the Nexus 5 could have the screen problem yellow:

problema pantalla amarilla nexus 5xit Seems that some Nexus 5X that have already begun to sell in US have this problem. The defect of the screen would affect some units, but the problem is that it is unknown the exact number of defective units, so you could hit anyone as no one will want to factory a Nexus 5X screen yellow.

We are faced with a defect of the screen of the Nexus 5X, because as we can see in the picture gets a yellow. And that is if there is something that users do not support by standard, is to have a screen scratched but much less yellowish and without reason, because it is a manufacturer defect, a defect of the own Google.

This all originated on Reddit, with the publication of a user who indignantly commented to the other the problem of screen yellow on Nexus 5X. The problem has been expanding rapidly, and more and more users begin to expand, but we are confident that this chaos ends soon, because Google is already aware.

What’s the solution offered by Google?

One of the advantages of buying a terminal to Google are their guarantees, because if your Nexus 5 comes with screen defective not to worry, Google will proceed to do the replacement for free. We are before a problem of manufacture, and that it will detect from the beginning, so you don’t have to worry about.

If you really want to have your LG Nexus 5 you can continue to take them, because even if you touch a unit bad to the 2 days you will have another new home, and that will surely be perfect. We expect that to be a problem limited and do not expand.

What do you think of the Nexus 5X screen yellow? Don’t hesitate on these days in the comments, and if you’re one of the affected users.

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